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Established in 1989, the Education Foundation of Forest Grove is an independent non-profit organization assisting the Forest Grove School District in expanding the educational opportunities and resources available to our students.

The Education Foundation of Forest Grove is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1989 to expand educational opportunity and support for the Forest Grove School District. The Foundation funds numerous teacher grants and several alumni scholarships each year. Our vision is to generate a diversity of opportunity through collaboration, creativity, and growth.  It is our hope that through the funds raised we will be able to help bring back programs and electives that have been lost in previous years.

Our Mission:

“Building bridges of learning, enrichment, and education for the students of the Forest Grove School District.”

Our Board of Directors:

Sarah Morse, President
Sarah became a member of the EFFG Board in 2017 after learning about all of the great work they did throughout the entire Forest Grove community. She saw how the team was able to help countless students and teachers by fundraising to provide grants and scholarships each year.  As a former special needs teacher in the UK, she recognizes the importance of supporting the infrastructure of our education system.
She settled in Forest Grove in 2011 with her husband and three young sons. She completed her education at Brunel University and Greenwich University and is a project manager for Pacific University. 

Heather Rhoade - Vice President
Heather started out with the Education Foundation as their Development Coordinator.  After life took her a new direction, she left the position in 2015 but stayed on as a member of the board. She is passionate about education & making sure teachers and students receive the tools they need to succeed.

Heather now owns VIVID VINYL, a local business in Forest Grove, and works part time at Plum Hill Vineyards as their wine club manager.

Lorraine Heinauer, Treasurer

Lorraine agreed to serve as Treasurer on the EFFG board as a way of ‘paying back’ to the organizations that supported her in the past.  She would not have been able to attend high school or college without the benefit of grants and scholarships.  She has served as Treasurer on several other boards and has done her fair share of fundraising for schools and the community of Forest  Grove.  She also believes the EFFG is necessary to help fund schools in the district without active PTO’s.  Her vision for the future of EFFG is to promote awareness of its mission and to find more creative ways to raise funds.
Alice Wallace - Secretary

Alice joined the board after learning about EFFG at the Love Rocks Run. She has a passion for service and a life-long dream of working with a non-profit to help expand their impact on the community by increasing available funding. She cannot think of a better mission than to fund projects that enrich the lives of the students in our community and provide scholarships to graduating seniors.

Cindy Benson-Taylor

Cindy has been a member of the BOD for 20 plus years and a life-long member of the Forest Grove community.  Cindy comes from a family of 4 generations of Forest Grove School District graduates. Cindy attended schools in the FG School District from 1st grade through 12th grade, as did her daughter.  Cindy spent 33 years in the hi-tech manufacturing industry with a career in Human Resources and is now retired.  She is committed to assisting and supporting the education system and students of the Forest Grove/Cornelius communities while encouraging community involvement.

Susan McDowell
A board member since 2005, Susan's three daughters and now 2 of her 7 grandchildren, attended schools in the Forest Grove school district. She values the importance of vital schools that provide a strong opportunity for learning. Currently retired, she enjoys giving back to such an important institution.

Marian Cakarnis

Marian joined the EFFG Board in 2012 and has served on the scholarship committee and currently serves on the grant committee.  She enjoys engaging with this dedicated team of volunteers to provide opportunities for student success.  Marian is interested in supporting the students and teachers in the FGSD so each student will have equal opportunity for success in college, career and/or citizenship.  She'd like to see the EFFG not only fund teacher grants and student scholarships but actively coordinate community-wide programs.
Barbara Delegato
Barbara taught elementary music for 33 years in the Forest Grove School District. During that time, she worked in all the elementary schools. That experience has given her perspective on the diversity as well as the varying demographics of the district. She has seen firsthand the many differences in financial and family support.
 She hopes by being on the board she can help support all students and teachers in the district by making them aware of the resources offered by the foundation. She brings her perspective to the board on district needs, especially in the arts where funding is always scarce.
She has passion for working on behalf of children and teachers and wants to continue to make a difference in the community.

Crystal Hannan
Crystal joined the board in 2016 because she loved the idea of working with an organization with such an important mission to help our schools. Education is vital and unfortunately our schools lack the funding they need. The EFFG helps bridge that gap by funding teacher grants and scholarships for graduating seniors.  Crystal lives in Cornelius and has two boys at Forest Grove High School.  She is a naturopathic physician with a family practice - In Health Naturopathic Medicine - in Forest Grove.

Amanda Eayrs
Amanda became a member of the board in 2021 after seeking volunteer opportunities within Forest Grove. She feels education is the cornerstone of our children’s success and is eager to connect with members of the community and support our greatest assets, our teachers. She is very passionate about finding fundraising opportunities to support them and their mission of giving all of our children the education they deserve. She feels incredibly honored to be a part of EFFG. 
 Amanda is a mom of 4 and has a grandchild. She is a resident of Forest grove since 2019 with her husband Bryon. 2 of her children currently attend public school within the district. She is also a girl scout leader within the community. She currently works in the global division of Thermo Fisher Scientific 

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