About Us

Established in 1989, the Education Foundation of Forest Grove is an independent non-profit organization assisting the Forest Grove School District in expanding the educational opportunities and resources available to our students.

The Education Foundation of Forest Grove is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1989 to expand educational opportunity and support for the Forest Grove School District. The Foundation funds numerous teacher grants and several alumni scholarships each year. Our vision is to generate a diversity of opportunity through collaboration, creativity, and growth.  It is our hope that through the funds raised we will be able to help bring back programs and electives that have been lost in previous years.

Our Mission:

“Building bridges of learning, enrichment, and education for the students of the Forest Grove School District.”

Our Board of Directors:

Cindy Benson-Taylor, President
    Community Member

Sarah Morse, Vice President
    Dilley Parent

Marian Cakarnis, Secretary
    Community Member

Lorraine Heinauer, Treasurer
    Almost Paradise Farms, LLC

Heather Rhoade
    Plum Hill Vineyard 
    Vivid Vinyl

Susan McDowell
   Community Member

Shannon Brown
   Retired Forest Grove
   School Teacher

Barbara Delegato
   Retired Forest Grove
   School Teacher

Crystal Hannan
   In Health Naturopathic Medicine

Alice Wallace
   Community Member

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